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News & Notes

02-07-12: News & Notes from 01-31-12.
Beside The Slashtones debut of our new lineup featuring Zebra's Felix Hanemann on bass and "The Emperor of Rock N' Roll" Richie Scarlet on guitar, Reckless Fortune made their debut with their new lead guitar player, former G N' R alumni Richard Duguay, who flew in from California for the show. Both bands seem to have found the "missing piece of the puzzle" on guitar as both bands sounded 1000 times better than they ever had before.

Original Slashtones bass player Even Steven Levee stopped by to see the show after his band, Brad Factor:10, performed at another venue earlier in the evening. (Brad Factor:10 "The Yuppies From Hell" are one of the bands that greatly influenced The Slashtones' satirical style.) Even Steven later said, "The Slashtones sounded amazing, Richie Scarlet absolutely blew me away."

The Slashtones set-list:
Immigrant Horse
Welcome To The Family
Gilligan’s Wood
The Brady Stone
Rock Candy
(sung by Felix)
Green Haze
La George
Rockin’ Gorilla
My Hillbillies

Metal America posted a youtube video of "My Hillbillies" here:

The Slashtones were mixed by former Slashtones guitarist (and audio engineer) Mike Lawler. There were other former Slashtones there, but with seventeen former band members and four honorary members (5 guitars, 5 drums, 3 basses, 4 vocals, 2 harmonicas, 1 flute and 1 saxophone), it is a mathematical fact that on any given night, any four Slashtones alumni could be making music in four different locations.

The show itself was unique to say the least. The band only rehearsed once a few days before the show. While that is not uncommon as over the years The Slashtones would barely rehearse, but this was the first show with two new members that had never played the tunes live before. The situation resulted in some really amazing improvisation on stage. One of the former Slashtones in attendance later asked me how long it took to work out the new arrangements on "La George" (ZZ Top meets The Jeffersons) to which I could only reply, "What arrangement?".

I was hoping to never play some of our older tunes like "Immigrant Horse" (Led Zep meets Mr. Ed) and Elvis Hitler's "Green Haze" again, but they were featured songs when we used to play at that venue back in the 90s and were added to the set for nostalgia's sake. After the way they sounded the other night I have changed my mind. Admittedly I was never big on playing live, I always preferred studio recording, but the new lineup and sound have inspired me more that ever before to stay on stage. We are already in talks with other venues in the northeast for future shows and hopefully everyone's schedules will work out for some of them.
Stay tuned and stay "Toned".
Harry /

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UPDATE: 02-02-12
In a nutshell, The Slashtones 2012 kick ass!
Let me start by saying that our set the other night is my very favorite one ever. It was pure raw Rock & Roll, the way it was meant to be. Myself and the other Slashtones' mainstays, Arno Hecht and Steve "Budgie" Werner, all agree that this is by far the best incarnation. Richie Scarlet and Felix Hanemann are a perfect fit to the live band. They have taken what was done before and changed it to make it their own. What's old is new again and nothing we played live ever sounded like it did the other night. Our Sunday night rehearsal went out the window as three minute songs went into the six minute mark while the band just totally got into the groove and jammed.

The Slashtones want to thank our good friends NYC club promoters Jerry Adams and Pete Aschner for inviting us to play on their combined Birthday Bashes and be on the same bill with our friends in Reckless Fortune. (Former Slashtones harmonica player Butch Garcia has been playing with Reckless Fortune since '95.) Besides Butch, it was also great seeing so many other Slashtones Alumni, (Even Steven Levee, Mike Lawler, Mickey Leigh and Steve Bondy), come out to see the new incarnation. Now that the new lineup has gotten that crucial first gig out of the way and everything went well, there's much more to come.

UPDATE: 01-30-12
The Stashtones got together last night at Tarik Solongi's "Prime Time Studios" in Mount Vernon, NY for our only rehearsal before we return to the stage this Tuesday. We went through the band's entire back catalogue of songs and have picked out the first batch of tunes for this incarnation of the band to play live. With the exception of two tunes from '04 and '05, and one straight up classic cover to be sung by Felix, the rest of the set will consist of songs from the band's early years. It's our return to a stage we have a lot of history on so we've decided to go totally retro, even bringing back tunes some of us haven't played since 1998. The new incarnation of the band sounds great and we also started laying the foundations for a whole batch of new tunes we'll be playing and recording down the road. And just to make it clear, we will not be performing any ECW tunes. (Click on flyer to the right to view full size.)

It doesn't seem like The Slashtones will be performing any of our ECW Wrestling songs on January 31st. The band has a history with promoter Jerry Adams and
214 Sullivan Street, now called "Sullivan Hall", once known as "The Lion's Den". We played there for Jerry before we got involved with wrestling, and this being our first show there since 1996 we're busting out a big chunk of our pre-ECW (1993-1997) tunes for this occasion. Keep in mind this can all change on Sunday, January 29th when we get together for our one and only rehearsal before the gig. So tune in here on the Monday before the show for the final update on what we will and won't be playing.

return to the stage on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012. The band will be performing a short set for Rock N' Roll impresario Jerry Adams' Birthday Bash at Sullivan Hall located at 214 Sullivan Street in NYC.

This will be The Slashtones' first show since performing at Irving Plaza in 2006, but this will also be the first live appearance of this version of the band featuring Richie Scarlet on guitar and Felix Hanemann on bass. (Felix played keyboards at that last Irving Plaza show.) Maintaining their usual spots are Arno Hecht on saxophone, Steve "Budgie" Werner on drums and Harry Slash on vocals.

The Slashtones played for Jerry Adams a few times between '95 and '96 at 214 Sullivan Street when the venue was called "The Lion's Den". We had some really good shows on that stage back then, and some really bad ones too. In honor of our return to that address we might be playing a few of our older tunes (pre-ECW), some of the new stuff (post ECW) and maybe do an ECW tune or two, or maybe not. We won't really know what we're playing that night until our one and only rehearsal a few weeks before the gig so good or bad, this appearance will be historic. (Wow, that last line was pompous.)

Also appearing that night is Reckless Fortune. They might play one of their ECW tunes, or maybe not. This will be the first time the two bands have played on the same bill since 1997.

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