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3-20-13: Harry Slash: "TALES FROM A GRIEVOUS WORLD" Updated.

Just letting you folks know I've been pretty much living in the recording studio, working on the new CD "Tales From A Grievous World". The tunes are coming out better than I expected and are a complete musical departure from anything I've done in the past.

Scheduled to appear on this project (aside from myself on vocals & slide guitar) are long time studio collaborators Arno Hecht (sax) and Steve "Budgie" Werner (drums), former Slashtones Mark Hitt (electric guitar), "Even" Steven Levee (bass) and Mike Lawler (12 string acoustic guitar), as well as Taso Karras (bouzouki) and "Chilly" Willie Scopetone (piano).

There will also be a few other people appearing on this CD, some I haven't worked with before and some that I have. Just waiting to dot the "I"s and cross the "T"s before I announce their names. If things keep going as they have I'll be dropping the first few songs on iTunes before the summer.
Harry Slash

PS: Next Wednesday, March 27th will be The Slashtones' 20th anniversary.

12-07-12: Harry Slash & The Slashtones' ECW Music Track List Reposted. (click here)

Productions has begun on my first CD of all original tunes in over a decade. This album will be a departure from what folks are used to hearing from me. It will be an album of songs and stories. Some of the tunes were written before (and during) the ECW era but were never recorded, others are brand spanking new, but all will have my own personal twisted take on life, the universe and other fun stuff. Most of the songs (words & music) are written by myself alone, but others will be a collaboration between myself and some good folks I've always wanted to work with. The CD itself, if things go as planned, will feature a small army of my musical comrades in arms. The CD and the singles will be available on itunes at first, followed by in-store distribution later on.