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A Brief History of The Slashtones

The Slashtones are one of the most eclectic bands to spring forth from the rock clubs and sleazy after-hours bars of New York City. Founded in 1993 by the enigmatic Harry Slash, The Slashtones, in one form or another, have been one of NY's longest running "all-star bands". (We hate the term "supergroups")

"Harry & The Slashtones" originally started out as a 'One Night Only" joke band that performed on former guitar player turned rock club promoter Harry Slash's birthday party at his club "the space at chase" in New York City on March 27, 1993. Harry "sang" one set of mostly blues based rock songs and a few original "comic rock creations", (now known as "mash-ups"). He revived the band the following year with a slightly altered cast, this time as a mostly jazz rock band with a few more original funny "comic rock creations".

"The Slashtones" then transformed into a "real band" with a unique conceptual style of mixing classic hard rock grooves with classic television themes, hard edged musical arrangements and original satirical material. (Think "Guns N Roses" Meets The Addams Family meets Led Zeppelin meets Mister Ed...) By early 1995 the band was a "must see" experiance with a loyal underground following.

The Slashtoness have been called "more of a Rock & Roll think tank" than a regular band as 'guru' Harry Slash always tried to put together rotating lineups of musicians with slightly different styles in a creative situation where the first priority is the music, and having fun. It's that unique concept that over the years attracted rotating cast members associated with such notable bands like: The B-52s, Birdland, Brad Factor:10, The Cult, Dion, Deep Purple, The John Entwistle Band, Ace Frehley's Comet, Macey Grey, Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers, Billy Idol, Buddy Miles Express, Mountain, Murphy's Law, Buster Poindexter, Raging Slab, Rainbow, The Rattlers, Buddy Rich, Riot, Spinal Tap, Storm, Johnny Thunders, The Uptown Horns, Tom Waits, Warrior Soul, Zebra and others. The band's cast has had many different musicians of merit come and go (then return for a bit before leaving again) with numerous roster and style changes, but one thing that has never waned is the musicality. Whenever a new member joins the cast, the first task is to take the old tunes, forget what's been done before, and make them new again.

Harry Slash & The Slashtones were never limited to doing twisted covers and song parody mash-ups. The band recorded a number of origianl music over the years and most was featured on an international television program called Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) from 1997 to 2001 and then again from 2005 until today under the WWE banner. Other songs by The Slashtones have appeared on a multitude of CDs, EPs, DVDs, video games, theatrical films, television programs, live Pay Per View events and one Broadway play.
"The Slashtones" cast from 2006 to 2012 consisted of Harry Slash, Arno Hecht, Steve "Budgie" Werner, Felix Hanemann and Richie Scarlet. This version of the band perfected the "Comic Rock" creations and performed the single best live show in the band's history.

In 2013 Harry Slash, Arno Hect, Steve "Budgie" Werner & The Slashtones go in yet another directions as they embark on a musical journey through a grievous world.


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